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I am pleased to welcome you to this site. The purpose of is, first of all, to present to you the works that constitute the collection I had in mind, but also the books of other chefs, each more talented than the next, works that I, myself, have found exciting and rewarding.

My first work, "Vegetables", appeared in December 2006, published by Glénat. My second, "Herbs, Flowers and Salads", came out in December 2007. I am particularly proud of it since not only did I write all the texts, I also took all of the photographs. There will be another book along a year from now, concerning fruit. 

In addition to the photos, these works contain lots of information about each ingredient: history, size, seasonality, criteria for quality, preservation, advice on use and cooking, relationships of tastes with other products, tricks of the trade and a pamphlet of 150 recipes per book.

A "guide for the palate" will help you make selections based on characteristics of flavours and textures specific to each ingredient.

To round out my collection, meant to be a veritable miniature encyclopaedia, there will be books, recipes or hints from guest Chefs. You will likewise get a glance at their history, their development, their influences and inspirations.

For more information, access the site dedicated to my recipe books.

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