Visit to Joigny

Visit to Joigny and the Jovinien

76-km tour

Schedule approximately one hour for each of the visits to the Museum of Laduz and the Fabuloserie.

The Fabuloserie and the Museum of Popular Arts are recommended for children.

Visit to Joigny

Walk through the old town of Joigny, classified as "City of Art and History", and its timber-framed houses, which include the Tree of Jesse House, or the so-called Baillif’s House. Visit the Church of Saint Thibault and the Church of Saint Jean, the castle of the Gondi, the district of Saint André, the arboretum, and then wander along the banks of the Yonne.

Visit to Dicy – The Fabuloserie

Alain and Caroline Bourbonnais have gathered an impressive collection of raw art which they exhibit, both in a charming park and indoors. The treasures they have accumulated over 30 years’ worth of research have converted the Fabuloserie into one of the most important showcases of raw art. The artists who produced these thousands of paintings, sculptures and objects are self-taught, fondly nicknamed “amateur craftsmen of dreams”.
Open from Easter to 2 November, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from 14 h to 18 h.

Visit to La Ferté Loupière

Erected in the late 15th century, the Church of Saint-Germain is home to one of France’s only six danse macabre (15th and 16th centuries). This 25-metre-long fresco reveals 42 figures, representing all human conditions. The rarity of the theme and the quality of the colours, particularly those of Saint Michael vanquishing the Dragon, rightly qualify this as a true masterpiece.
Free visit all year round, from 8:30 h to 19 h

Laduz, Museum of Popular Arts

The result of 40 years of passionate search for objects bearing witness to popular creativity, the Museum of Laduz boasts – in a series of old buildings – some twenty rooms devoted to the labour of rural craftsmen, represented through their tools and their works. Popular toys, sculpture in daily life and the remembrance of the countryside are all featured here.
Open daily from Easter to 15 October, from 14:30 h to 18:30 h

Laroche Saint-Cydroine

Nestled above the hamlet of Saint Cydroine, the Romanesque church (11th and 12th centuries), with its impressive two-storied, eight-sided tower, is a jewel of Burgundy’s Romanesque art. Inside, the sculpted capitals offer an unusual decor of elephants amidst exotic trees, birds pecking grapes… There is a legend associated to the church, that of Saint Cydroine, beheaded by the Romans in 272. Where he was put to death, it is said that a spring of miraculous water was brought forth, which became a site pilgrimage for many years, particularly for embroiderers, who came to dip their fingers in the water, hoping this would make them more nimble.
Free visits from 9 h to 18 h

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