A team spirit


When you arrive at the Côte Saint-Jacques & SPA*****, it is not just a double-starred chef who will welcome you, but a whole team that is fully devoted to your well-being to ensure that your stay is a moment of pure delight.


In the spirit of Formula 1 Jean-Michel Lorain is driving his team.
Without this pationnated team and rigorously trained, this race could not be won.

In Joigny, he has a team of 75 highly professional colleagues, first his wife Karine, who assists himwith passion everyday.














It is certainly either Lionel, or Gino, our valets,

who will take care of your luggage and will install you in your suite on the banks of the River Yonne,

prepared by Astrid and Eva, our housekeepers

who will have been attentive to the slightest detail.


Before that, the reception team, Annabelle, Mathilde, Margaux & Mickaél

will have welcomed you and will be at your service throughout your stay to meet all your expectations.

They will certainly propose a booking at our Côte Saint Jacques Spa or indicate the places of interest to visit around Joigny.



Before your dinner, you'll certainly enjoy an aperitif in the summer lounge or by the fireside in the library-lounge.

That's Pascal our maître d’hôtel,

who will take your order and advise you on the latest creations of Jean-Michel Lorain. During the course of your meal, you will meet the dining room team. 


The choice of wines is an important moment of the meal: they must be in perfect harmony with your menu.

It is Thomas & his team

who will be in charge of this task. They will guide you expertly through the eight hundred references on our wine list.





Of course, the kitchen is directed by the master hand of Jean-Michel Lorain,

who is firmly shouldered by Claude, who has been chef at the Côte Saint-Jacques for more than ten years,  and his second Florian.

Your meal will come to a sweet end under the hand of our pastry chef, Brice.











For a true moment of relaxation, you will be entrusted to the expert hands of

the spa team, Jessica, Marie, Farida & Alizée,

for a Carita and Omnisens treatment at our Well-being and Beauty space.


Finally, if you want to organize a family meal or a corporate seminar, Pâquerette will take charge of the organization of your event in its finest details.

The entire Côte Saint-Jacques team awaits you in our Relais et Châteaux hotel at the gates of Burgundy!

Job La Côte Saint-Jacques & SPA * * * * *
Come & join our Team !



Post office under permanent contract to provide as soon as possible


Please send your resume to :


La Côte Saint Jacques & SPA

14 Fbg de Paris - BP 197 - 89304 JOIGNY Cedex - FRANCE




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