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Let’s discover the brand new Côte Saint-Jacques greedy Boutique with foodstuffs carefully selected by Jean-Michel Lorain.

Karine will be very happy to welcome you and will be a good counsellor for your purchases.


The Dagmar, a delicious bonbon:
the gastronomic specialty of the Côte Saint-Jacques

A Joigny specialty, the Dagmar was created at the beginning of the 20th century. Its name evokes the Danish princess who married Emperor Alexander III to become Empress of Russia.

The Dagmar rose to fame in the 1960s, when its reputation extended beyond the borders of the Yonne region, but it then fell into oblivion. Michel Lorain decided to revive this specialty for modern tastes, to the delight of all those who were nostalgic for this delicious treat.

The Dagmar is a small soft chocolate caramel, coated with a thin layer of crispy caramel.

The search for the original recipe took a lot of time, since it could only be resurrected with the help of the gustative memory of the inhabitants of Joigny!

Jean-Michel Lorain has taken the perpetuation of this rediscovered tradition to heart for the pleasure of gourmets.

The Côte Saint-Jacques has therefore developed a kitchen where they are prepared by the pastry chef of the House, according to the same artisanal processes as in the past.

Their preparation is long and delicate, since each bonbon is cut and then dipped by hand into the caramel.


Our House Products

On the sweet side, indulge in our homemade sweets: macaroons, chocolates, caramels, nougat, marshmallows, jams and our specialty, the Dagmar.

And for the savouries, you can order not only our famous Côte Saint-Jacques black pudding, but also the smoked salmon, foie gras and the chutneys imagined and prepared in our kitchen.


The products used by Jean-Michel Lorain

The Côte Saint-Jacques offers you a full range of products used daily in the kitchen of the gourmet restaurant: spices, oils, vinegars, salts, but also a selection of hand-made organic pasta and a choice of varieties of rice, including the famous Venere rice.

Flavoured sugars in various forms and tastes, quality teas, etc. You can compose your gourmet gift box to treat yourself or others.

The wines

We haven't forgotten the wine. Burgundy wines and crémants: we have a wide choice of fine quality wines.


The Côte Saint-Jacques wine cellar


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